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Except for one article, this month has been dedicated to British killers. From Victorian England to the modern-day. Mass murderers to attempted murder. Sit back and enjoy. 

The Abusive Baby Farms of Victorian England

Victorian England was home to Jack the Ripper. Much has been talked about in his reign of terror. He was, actually, only one of many murderers that lived amongst the poor. Most had larger kill totals than him, yet many have not shared the infamy he has.

Female serial killers are very rare. However, Victorian England was home to a unique breed. Those who murdered victims under their roof. These killers operated in the shadows. It was in these environments that Margaret Waters became infamous. … read more

The Most Dangerous Female Killer in the UK Prison System

Joanne Dennehy is considered the most dangerous woman in the UK prison system. She is one of only three women to get a whole life order. The other two being Rose West and Myra Hindley. Dennehy is a classic psychopath, she is described as having a magnetic personality with no remorse. Even in police custody, she tried to turn her charm to her advantage, flirting with the police. It was this charm, that she used to lure men to her and ultimately kill them.

She was charged with three counts of murder in November 2013 and two counts of attempted murder. The case all started with a routine missing person and the gut instinct of one policeman. … read more

The Horrendous Ferry Accident That Killed 193 People in 90 Seconds

I was outside on the deck when it started, I was looking over the rail into the water. The water was getting further away, at first I thought I was imagining it. Then the ship just tilted over and I was flung backwards and was knocked unconscious for a little while — when I came round I was lying on the seats. But they were in the wrong place because the ship had gone on its side — so the floor was now like a wall

As you read this you might be mistaken for thinking this is the start of a horror novel. But it isn’t. This is a real account taken from a 16-year-old survivor of the Herald of Free Enterprise. Her mother, stepfather and uncle died in the accident while she and her three stepbrothers survived. This is just one account of the worse peacetime maritime tragedy in UK history. … read more

The Boy Strangely Convicted of his Own Murder.

My name is Thomas I am fourteen, currently, I am lying down an alley in Greater Manchester fighting for my life. It is 8 pm on Sunday 29 June 2003, the police have been called and I have multiple stab wounds. Standing beside me is my best friend Craig, he is fifteen and stayed with me until help arrived. He will tell the police that a hooded knifeman stabbed me. He is lying. They will find this out when they look at the CCTV. It was Craig that stabbed me. I asked him too, in a roundabout way. Let me start from the beginning. … read more

One of The Most Prolific Serial Killers in Britain

No matter where you travel in London you would be hard-pressed to find an area unclaimed by violence. From Jack the Ripper to terrorist bombings, London has a high death toll.

One place where violence was prevalent is 10 Rillington Place. A house dubbed the house of horrors, where blood seeped out of every wall. This was the house of John Reginald Christie.

Christie was responsible for the murder of eight women, a child and an innocent man. His case was even more fascinating as his actions led to a major change in British law. … read more

Did Robert Maxwell Kill Himself, Die by Accident or was he Murdered

Robert Maxwell was a media mogul. At the height of his career, he owned some of the biggest newspapers in the world.

Maxwell had ten children the youngest was Ghislaine Maxwell. Through her father, the socialite, who was friends with Prince Andrew and Chelsea Clinton, learnt how to deal with a scandal.

At the age, of sixty-eight her father disappeared from his yacht, named the Lady Ghislaine. Weeks later, it was uncovered, that he had stolen £50 million from his employee’s pension fund.

Did he commit suicide to avoid the inevitable, was it a freak accident or was he assassinated by Israel intelligence agency, Mossad? … read more

The Revealing Murder that Shockingly Will Never be Solved

Hikers Helmut and Erika Simon were out for a hiker in the Austro-Italian Alps on September 19th, 1991 when they discovered a body. They alerted the authorities thinking it was the body of a fellow mountaineer, who recently succumbed to the elements. The body looked startlingly fresh.

When the Austrian police were called to the scene it soon became clear this was no normal case. An X-ray revealed he had been shot through the left shoulder causing death. The shot had occurred from behind and the fact that none of his belongings had been stolen led investigators to presume the murder was personal. … read more


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