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So how are you all, if you are English I am sure you are still recovering from the disappointment of the Euro’s. To those that have no idea what I am talking about football or to my American friends soccer.

These last couple of weeks, I really feel like my writing has started flowing again. I had been struggling before. Here is the thing as my writing increases so does my positive mental health. It is a vicious circle as that deteriorates I feel less likely to write, which pushes my mental health down further.

This weekend we also celebrated my little girls fourth birthday. For those that are not aware she has ASD. What a change a year has made I can not believe how far she has come. I shared our story in this post.

On to the Crime

Now for anyone who has followed my writing you will know that I do like a controversial post. My motto is if they are reading to abuse me about my views, at least they are reading. This post has caused quite a bit of controversy and name-calling.

Was Chris Cornell’s Death a Tragic Suicide or Something more Sinister

Chris Cornell is best known as a member of the popular grunge metal band Soundgarden. He was fifty-two when he hung himself in a Detroit hotel room after consuming a cocktail of drugs. However, many people have called this into question. Was his death made to look like suicide? Are these family and fans who can not accept the sad truth, or is there something in their claims? Do you agree with the trolls? Read more

From Russia with Love, the Horrific Poisoning of an Elderly Man and his Daughter

On 4th March 2018, emergency services received a call to state that an older man and young woman were ill on a bench. The pair were rushed to the hospital, where the local police searched for the details of the victims.

Through the search, they revealed that the man was Sergei Skripal, a Russian spy. The woman, his daughter Yulia. The authorities alerted MI6, who confirmed that Skripal was a double agent who had been providing them with Russian secrets from Russian intelligence.

Russia regarded Skripal as a traitor, but did her deserve to die? Read more and decide.

The Vicious Alphabet Killer of New York

The Alphabet murders to this day remain unsolved. Although, there are several suspects. No one has ever been charged with the murders. It remains to this day a case that the police hope to solve but have not had a breakthrough with. Many will say that the murderer was two people rather than one perpetrator. Read more and tell me what you think.

And finally, I wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t at least one Ripper type post.

The Horrific New York Murder that had People Convinced The Ripper had Moved

On 24th April 1891, the New York police thought they had a Jack the Ripper murder to contend with. The victim was Carrie Brown, and her mutilated body was discovered in room 31, in a filthy lodging house.

Brown was a self-styled actor, but like the Ripper victims, she had worked as a prostitute. Her profession and the violence in the crime led detectives to believe the Ripper had crossed the ocean.

The New York police department boasted that they would catch the London Ripper in thirty-six hours. They lived up to that promise and arrested a suspect within thirty-two. Had they got the right man, though, and was this the British Ripper? Find out.

Take care everyone, have a brilliant couple of weeks

Sam H Arnold